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Connecting the Dots: Iran, China, and the Challenge to U.S. Hegemony:
Debunking a century of war lies



Where will it be? 

The Military-Industrial Complex is salivating for its next meal.  

Will it be against North Korea?  Iran?  Venezuela? Bolivia?

Will it continue in Syria? Yemen? 

Someone might sink a U.S. warship in the Persian Gulf, killing hundreds of sailers, and blame it on Iran to start a war.

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Support a conversion from a weapons economy to a climate-saving economy.


We need jobs in clean energy, not more weapons


New Rules for Cops

New Rules for Cops

We have this request:

Take more care

making arrest.

Let the person breathe.

Stay off the chest.

Don’t suffocate

another Tyrone West.


New Rules for Cops

We make this demand:

A knee on the back

Must be banned.

Stay off the spine

as they lay.

Don’t maim or kill

another Freddie Gray.


New Rules for Cops

We make this plea:

No more choke holds.

Give a guarantee.

Stay off the neck.

Citizen or foreigner.

Don’t strangulate

another Eric Garner.

New Rules for Cops:

Yes, we attest

death throes are not

resisting arrest.

Forced to struggle

to take a breath,

they fight for life

to resist death.


New Rules for Cops

In Consent Decree.


rules will be

the new law

by court’s demand.

Forcing folks to fight for life

Is now banned.


New Rules for Cops

are now required.

Murderous cops

must be retired

and put in a cell

so other cops will see

we won’t take

more brutality.


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Protest war !!

If a military strike against anyone takes place, then meet at 33rd and N. Charles St., Baltimore 21218.


If the attack is before 2 PM local time, then the event will begin at 5 PM.


If the attack occurs after 2 PM local time, then the event will begin at 5 PM the following day.

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Baltimore Peace Action

meets every second Thursday

of the month will now be a Zoom and phone meeting December 10 at 7 PM.  We will send the access numbers to those who register at


.Embargoes during pandemic is illegal biological warfare.

  1. Updates: Venezuela, Iran, Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Iraq.

Zoom agenda: we will discuss having a paid staff, office, billboards, canvassers, printed materials, banners, philanthropy, delegations, webinars, zoom conferences, interactive website, campus chapters, affiliate organizations, topic committees, racial justice, environment, research projects, state-wide outreach, etc., etc. so come with ideas on how to work for peace!   We will start the official membership list. Be a founding member for a bright new future of peace work in Maryland!!!

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Peace Action has chapters in 22 states and 6 counties in Maryland.  The Baltimore Chapter started with 40 signers on our email list at the Conference Against Foreign Military Bases on January 13, 2018.  We're growing, join us!

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