To: Democratic National Committee (DNC):

Prevent Nuclear War Maryland (PNWMD) is dedicated to preventing nuclear war, which could happen either by miscalculation, misinformation or hostilities between nuclear powers.  As such, we urge the DNC to approve resolutions recommending these 3 policy goals:

1.       De-escalation of international hostile rhetoric:  We support foreign policies designed to reduce tensions between major nuclear powers, specifically between the U.S. and Russia.  As nuclear hair-triggered arsenals present an existential threat to continued life on the planet, we urge the DNC to recognize that any conceivable problems between the U.S. and Russia pale in comparison to a renewed nuclear arms race.  We urge the DNC to state that in the clearest of terms that reducing nuclear tensions is the number one priority in U.S.-Russia relations. Accordingly, we ask that campaign rhetoric which is expected to cause Republicans to try to prove that they are more anti-Russian than Democrats, is counter-productive to nuclear safety.


2.       Proportional estimations of election interference:  We request the DNC to pass a resolution recommending to Democratic candidates and legislators that they introduce legislation requiring investigations of election interference by any and all foreign and domestic entities, both government and multinational corporations.  

3.       Show that Democratic candidates are not being influenced by oil war contractors and nuclear weapons industry: 

We request the DNC pass a resolution to recommend to all Democratic candidates and legislators to refuse to take any donations from military contractors and fossil fuel interests.


Signed by members of PNWMD:


P.S. – Of the 40 policy resolutions considered by the DNC, unfortunately only one addresses questions of foreign policy, military expenditures or nuclear weapons. That one (#36) is opposed by PNWMD because it “strongly supports efforts for the return of democracy to Venezuela.”  We oppose interventionist policies of the United States and support diplomatic solutions.  Attached to this letter is the list of the DNC’s 40 proposed resolutions.


Cut the War Budget for a Green New Deal

Support a conversion from a weapons economy to a climate-saving economy

The U.S. military budget is 3 times that of Russia’s and China’s combined,
and therefore can be cut in half without sacrificing national security. *

The $717 billion annual military budget is a threat to our national security because:

1. The use of these weapons creates enemies instead of reducing them;

2. All the wars of the last 60 years have been wars of aggression, not defense; **

3. The U.S. military is the world’s largest single generator of climate changing emissions;

4. The U.S. wars for petroleum keeps us using fossil fuel instead of renewable energy;

5. The manufacture of weapons burns up over $300 billion worth of oil annually;

6. U.S. encirclement of Russia and China threatens peaceful trade and prosperity for all; *** 

7.  A planned $1.7 trillion upgrade of nuclear weapons makes them more likely to be used. 
8. The profiteering U.S. war budget is an attack on the health and security of everyone.



We need jobs in clean energy, not more weapons

Maryland is a perfect example of a warfare economy since the export of Baltimore’s heavy industry.

The best jobs are now at the National Security Administration, Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Detrick, Andrews Air Force Base, Edgewood Arsenal, Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center, U.S. Naval Academy, National Guard and Air National Guard, Army reserves, school ROTC, JHU Applied Physics Lab, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Fairchild, Raytheon, and hundreds of sub-contractors – all having bosses and workers who support military expenditures.

The U.S. is responsible for the deaths of 20 million people in 37 countries since WWII.*

The 2 existential threats to continued life on earth are “climatastrophe” and nuclear war.**

Tell politicians to prove they are not being bought by weapons manufacturers. Tell them to cut weapons production and support a Green New Deal instead, which employ more workers per Federal dollar spent than does weapons-making. ***


Baltimore Peace Action

Rein in Pentagon Spending


The U.S. Compared to the World:


The U.S. spends more on its military than the next ten countries combined, yet President Trump’s FY 2020 budget request included $750 billion in Pentagon spending, a $34 billion or 5 percent increase from the 2019 budget. Congress should reject this massive increase to the Pentagon’s already-bloated budget and seek cuts to topline Pentagon spending.


Spending Tradeoffs:


To pay for his proposed increases in Pentagon spending, President Trump’s budget proposal includes major cuts to programs that seek to end and prevent conflict and address human needs.The president’s budget proposes cutting:• State Department funding by 23.3 percent


• Department of Education funding by 12 percent• Housing and Urban Development funding by 16.4 percent• Department of Transportation funding by 21.5 percent• Department of Labor funding by 9.7 percent


• Environmental Protection Agency funding by 31 percent

These cuts would have severe impacts on programs already suffering from insufficient funding. For example, while the United States continues to spend more than the next ten countries combined on its military, it is finishing 27th in the world in education and healthcare. We need a budget that represents our nation’s priorities, not the defense industry’s.


The Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Slush Fund:


The Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget is a massive slush fund; a budgetary gimmick that sidesteps mandatory budget caps meant to keep our nation’s debt in check.


• While it was originally authorized as an emergency fund to cover unforseen needs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it is now regularly used to pad baseline Pentagon spending.


• The fund is notorious for its lack of transparency, which allows the Pentagon to sidestep oversight and accountability standards that baseline Pentagon spending is subjected to.


• President Trump’s FY 2020 budget request includes $165 billion in OCO funding, more than doubling last year’s enacted OCO budget of $81 billion.


Steps Members of Congress Can Take:


• Oppose President Trump’s request for $750 billion in Pentagon spending, and his request for $165 billion for the OCO slush fund, and support cuts to topline Pentagon spending.


• Support eliminating the OCO slush fund.


• Support the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ People’s Budget.


Since February, we displayed banners over JFX saying:

"U.S. Out of Syria"

"No War on Korea"

"Stop Israel Killing Protesters"

"No War on Iran"

"No War on Russia"


 Bannering is viewed by 7,200 motorists per hour during rush hour.  It is videographed for social media as an example of what can be done nationwide.  So let’s start a movement!  email us if you want to help.

For our first action, we held a “Korean Olympic Truce Celebration” on Feb. 9, 2018. 


It was held at a high motorist visibility location during rush hour.  As announced in the newsletter, we passed a torch, held signs and banners. had a slide show on nuclear weapons and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies on TV. 

Here are two short Youtube videos of our demonstration:
1 minute 47 seconds:

38 seconds: